A very stupid poem that kinda tells the story of Snow White... I use the word "beauty" too much, don't I?


Shining red
a tempting lie
Too beautiful
to just pass by
But inside
a poisoned core
Left for a purpose
an evil chore
To take the life
of the beauty Snow
The witch-queen's
lovely foe
All this pain
for a simple prize
One is the beauty
and the other dies

Words by IronicBanana
Read 907 times
Written on 2006-05-20 at 19:59

Tags Apple  Poison  Evil 

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man... disney movies... rock on. great poem and creative theme. (to me I guess if others are like gr?)

I like it! And I don't think you use "beauty" too often. But this is in no way a stupid text. It's full of awesomeness.

It's not stupid and beauty is a very... beautiful word. It's a great poem and I can't write things like this!

Pamela A Lamppa
Not stupid at all. AND No, I think you used the word perfectly. After all, Mirror Mirror, is what it was all about.
Your retelling of this tale, can hold many meanings depending on a reader's interpretation. A sign of a creative mind. Lovely verse. A pleasure to read. ~Pam