It's an advice to all....................

" when you love someone "

When you love someone
Say it right away
Don't hide your love
Till time passes by
Because you will cry
You feel life has no use
For sure you won't die
But you will be confuse

When you love someone
Be true to yourself
Don't erase your feelings
By listening humanbeing
You'll have to show the world
How much you love her/him
Speak what's inside you
Don't tend to hesitate

When you love someone
Life is like heaven
When he becomes the right man or woman
You can't miss that opportunity
As it'll be a life long mistake
Feeling guilty forever you'll regret
It'll keep troubling your heart
And you won't be able to turn back.

Poetry by Zainab
Read 917 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 09:30

Tags Love 

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