i don't know.. i guess you could say it could pertain to drowning but i have no idea.. i'm just really really tired

In Too Deep

I can't seem to speak
my mind's in a fog.
Can't seem to move
neck deep in this bog.

I'm in way over my head
and I seem so short.
I feel myself give in
my mind start to contort.

I let go of my stubborn will
my core hollowed out.
Shut eyes to my vision
close mouth to my shout.

Then a power comes
in the form of a light.
It speaks to me and says
"It's time to fight."

Poetry by Mary
Read 900 times
Written on 2006-05-30 at 04:14

Tags Horses  Warrior  Meh 

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Live by instinct or die, thinking too much is nearly as bad as thinking not at all! Great poem!

Luverly indeed.

the last 2 lines of the 1st stanza dont seem to flow right, but still an excellent poem. Could be a cool song too!