I learn to enjoy and to be grateful of the simple things of life. This poem is also dedicated to someone whose piece touched my heart. "Be gentle to yourself", she said.

Thank You, Little One

I hearken unto the songs each morning brings
scattered sounds of birds' twitters, and chirps
are loving keys that send wakefulness to me
that I sing along with them and smile heartily

the sun steal glances thru my room's window
and I play hide and seek with its sly warmth
that gently kissed its rays on me one by one
and I thank today for the blessings of the sun

for I tend to forget that the simplest of things
can bring the biggest, and sweetest of smiles
that I sought healing from what I cannot see
blinding myself from the world that loves me

I hold, hence, myself once more in sweet knots
of flowers, and leaves that blossom in springs
for true are your words within me is a garden
that saves me from the fire of my own burden

I look up then, and see the skies smiling at me
the clouds frolicking, dancing, I they are inviting
and reminded am I by the horizons once more
that I too am big and alive, and that I can soar

I traveled through this wondrous world again
and my heart is quenched of these spectacles
if one day I forgot again and deemed all is gone
I will remind myself of this kindness, Little One.

Poetry by Rin
Read 485 times
Written on 2019-09-09 at 12:59

Tags Appreciation  Love  Kindness 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Very nice

I found this to be a lovely, optimistic piece. It flows so well with its calm reminders and thanks.