Here With Me

Day by day I try to be strong
But that only last for so long.

Only you know what's in my heart
Only you know what has me falling apart.

I miss you more and more as each day comes to an end
I wonder what it will take for my heart to mend.

I hold in my heart many regrets
But your love I will never forget.

Your love has caused me great pain
And had me going insane.

Because you're not here to wipe my tears
You're not here to help me face my fears.

It was your love that gave me strength
I felt I could walk the path of any length.

Pictures and memories are what keeps me going
As the love I have for you keeps growing.

I keep your love alive deep inside
From above my path you guide.

Guiding each step that I take
Guiding me through each mistake.

You are always here with me
Helping me to see...that I am who I am meant to be!

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
Read 478 times
Written on 2019-09-11 at 03:29

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