Unsettled Dust

The dust just fell into a big pile
At that moment I forgot how to smile

The pain I feel deep inside
Is enough to make me run and hide

The dust covers my soul
The pain is more than you will ever know

Everywhere I go
My head is hanging low

I donít want to cry any more
My heart hurts more than ever before

This unsettled feeling I canít describe
In my journal I try hard to scribe

Thereís no words I can share to express
All the reasons Iím depressed

Each day I wake up hoping things will change
Instead I wake up feeling strange

It feels so weird not having you here with me
I canít wait until the day I feel free

I canít take all this pain much longer
I am feeling weaker instead of stronger

Just take the dust and blow it away
I donít need to feel this way every day

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
Read 109 times
Written on 2023-01-22 at 03:46

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