Know My Worth

I know my worth but sold myself short
And that is why Iím always getting hurt
Iím more valuable than silver and gold
I know this because of what Iíve been told.

Itís time for me not to settle for less
Because when I do I end up in a mess
I try hard not to wear my heart on my sleeve
I fight hard for what I believe.

Either fight beside me and show your strength
Because things are complicated and intense
I have been alone fighting my demons for years
I have been able to conquer many fears.

I chose to fight this battle with you by my side
But it feels that most days you would rather hide
Do you really want me to help you win the war?
If so let go of the trust issues youíve had before.

I am real and will do what it takes
We have both made many mistakes
I know my worth and I know yours too
Not many people believe in you!

Thatís the difference between them and me
If you open up completely I can help you break free
You do not have to do this alone
You and I can rule on our thrones.

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
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Written on 2023-01-22 at 03:49

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