The Storm

For months I have been trying to move forward
But you kept pulling me back in
Like a strong tornado coming right at me
With wind gusts faster than I can blink
I run from you as fast as I can
Trying not to look back at you
I hear you calling my name
I look away ignoring it this time
Stopping a short while later to catch my breath
Realizing that you're no longer behind me
I close my eyes as I fight back tears
I am swamped with all the emotions you made me feel
The good, the bad, the ugly all flooded me like a rain storm
I can't fight the tears any longer
For what seems like hours I cry
I open my eyes
Wipe the tears off my face
Seeing the sunshine after the storm
Reminding myself that no storm lasts forever

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
Read 500 times
Written on 2019-09-11 at 03:29

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It can't rain all the time...