The rain will always be beautiful.


The rain begins again her
never-ending symphony
set in a tune meant to
disrupt the peaceful
emptiness inside my heart.

I feel again.
She let me feel again.

Her dissonance
sang to me.

Yet I can only hear her silencing
the many beautiful sounds of life
coldplay, birds chirping,
dogs barking, even my breathing.

I asked the rain then.

I asked the rain
what made her mad
or sad perhaps that
she could only cry.

Did she witness myriads
of lonely and broken souls
that seem to increase everyday?
did she witness the pain,
fears, and numbness in our eyes
as we do the things that make
us think we are living,
making us carry on with life?

Or is god perhaps in the rain?

Is she trying to clear the
blurriness in our eyes,
in our minds, in our hearts
that blinds us
from seeing what we
think are good
from seeing what they
taught us as good
from seeing hope and not
losing our sight on it?

Maybe yes, maybe no,
or maybe both?

The distinctions among
the sounds she produces
are something I cannot tell
but the rain is still beautiful
even if the sounds
she makes are all noises.

And I like to think
and believe she has
a purpose for playing
such cacophony.

For the rain...

The rain is always beautiful.

Poetry by Rin
Read 166 times
Written on 2020-01-24 at 16:57

Tags Rain 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
And like the rain
this is a beautiful write