If you ever strayed
           from the ways of love
           and wandered in a path so wild,
           I shall sing with the winds
           to carry my voice
           and to call out your name
           the cold winds will embrace you
           and be a cloak of comfort and fire
           to not make you feel lonely

           If the wild beast
           are on the prowl at night
           and darkness is all that you see,
           I shall hang my heart
           under the moon
           to lend you some light
           I shall wave to the stars
           for them to see my reflection
           to watch you from above

           If the evening sounds
           are all weeping
           and all its notes are flat,
           I shall cover your ears
           with my hands
           for you not to hear a thing
           the silence will close your eyes
           and open your heart
           and I shall sing you
           sweet songs of lullabies

           but love is laden with hesitant steps
           and nothing feels safe anymore
           that even my heart stolen
           by you can no longer be your aid,
           so let the winters burn the grievous
           nature and perish your fears
           and if I too shall be destroyed
           in the ways of love
           to find you without fail
           then let love leave me
           to lead you back to its trail

Poetry by Rin
Read 314 times
Written on 2020-01-25 at 10:07

Tags Love 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Nice write