An attempt to cover my worst problem at the moment, dating.
Why must it be so hard? =P

Dating, a horror for the shy.

How do you show that you care?
How do you know if she cares?
You wonder as you see her, does she wonder about you?
Your mind fills with questions, all of which has no answer, until you ask.

Now asking is the problem, at least if you're shy.
What will she answer? Will it be yes or maybe no?
Will the "yes" be a blessing or perhaps you would like to hear "no"?
For if she says "yes", then what do you do?

Ask he for dinner or perhaps to the movies?
Will you ask to hold her hand or take a chance and grab it?
Will you pay the expenses or simply let her choose?
Do you hug her goodbye or stand and wait?

Poetry by QuiZZer
Read 854 times
Written on 2006-06-05 at 17:47

Tags Dating  Love 

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I hear girls can be quite confusing, being one myself, I can concure;)

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
with more stanza's i can
hear this as a great song.

i've never been shy but you convey
your feelings of shyness extremely well.


Zoya Zaidi
The greatestbfear in asking, is the fear of rejection...
All the rest does not matter!
love, xxx, Zoya