Thinking Things Through

How can a few little words change my life?
How can those words change the way I feel?
I thought I had it all figured out
I thought I was ready to move on

Those few little words mean a lot to me
Those tears you shed mean even more
But how can I forgive what you did to me?
How can I forget all the pain you caused?

So many questions I wish I knew the answer to
So much pain that I still feel today
I need to figure out what to do next
I need to figure out what is best for me

I know I will always love you
I know I will always be there for you
But can we honestly have what we once did?
Or even something close to it or maybe something better?

I have so many doubts running through my head
I have so many tears built up in my eyes ready to escape
Not long ago I was living my dreams with you by my side
Not long ago we were writing our final chapter

But all those dreams turned into a nightmare
A nightmare I am living over and over each day
How can you saying you're sorry fix what you did?
How can you think I can take you back while my heart is still broken?

I loved you longer than I have ever loved anyone else
And that is why this hurts more than anything else I have been through
You were the one person that I never thought would break my heart
I ask myself over and over what I did to deserve this!

I still love you but in my heart I know I can't do this again
I still love you but I need to love myself more
I still love you but how do I know you won't do this to me again?
I still love you but by you breaking my heart how can I trust you again?

My love for you has changed who I am
I am afraid to let anyone get close to me
I am afraid of getting hurt again
Why oh why do I wear my heart on my sleeve?

I look at you and wonder how we can remain friends
I hear the words that you are speaking and wonder if they are lies
I feel your touch but wish you hadn't touched me
I see your face and think it's best I just stay away

But I know that I still love you
Although I know I should not
I know I still love you
But I am broken up inside

I know it's time for me to live for me
I know it's time for me to love myself first
And doing that I know it's time to let you go
No mater how much it hurts me to do so!

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
Read 296 times
Written on 2020-03-20 at 02:54

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