No Turning Back

You broke my heart in more ways than one

I was willing to give you chance after chance

But that was the old me.

The more you ignore me and treat me like dirt

The more I realize I don’t need you

You were a lesson I had to learn the hard way!

There is no turning back or being just friends

Because all you ever do is use me

Over and over again to get what you want.

The tears I have shed for you are over now

The caring for you is coming to an end

You never cared about me so stop pretending.

Your actions speak louder than your words

So don’t you dare tell me, “I love you”

If you did you wouldn’t treat me like this.

The real you has been exposed

The truth is what sets my heart free

So this is the last you will hear from me!

Poetry by Shannon Ann Britto
Read 239 times
Written on 2020-05-08 at 00:05

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