Reading makes me think....

Earth and humans

Humans, full of hate, full of sorrow and despair.
They see what they wish, the steady decline and the hatred in the streets.
The world is filled with anger, with fear and despair.

I watch the news, my mind filled with the horror on the screen.
People are running, screaming, bleeding and dying.
There is war, hunger, violence and nobody seems to care.

It would all be so easy, to feed our young, to live in peace.
We could share what we have, we could reach across borders.
There would be no hunger, there would be no disease.

Why are humans so unwilling to submit? Why do we feel the need to claim 'This is MINE and nobody elses!"?
Can we not look beyond our needs, to see what is needed?
Will not our government do what is best for all, not just for us?
Is there no hope? Will we do as best we can for US and leave everyone else behind?

Why are we so selfish? Why are we so filled with fear? Can we not accept that there are no difference great enough to justify hatred?
No people so different they are not the same as us?

Humans only see what they wish, hatred happens elsewhere, poverty and hunger is not "my" problem.
We look at the trouble and shake our heads "If only they were more civilized, if only they could handle their own affairs."

Then we come with our weapons, our economy, our belief and step on others.
Ignoring who they are, we do as we please. We create our order, we give them our rules.
Democracy, our shining beacon is sullied in the name of peace.

A war on Terror? A war on Islam? A war on Christianity? A war on Capitalims?
What will it do? What will it help? Will we change our ways once terror is gone?
Will we all live as equals once religion disappears? Will all be fair when the market rules or the state controls?

Our hearts stay the same, we look at each other with fear, with envy and greed.
To change the world we must change ourselves, we must think and feel.
We must relate to our friends, to those we meet and to those we influence.

Words by QuiZZer
Read 1025 times
Written on 2006-07-03 at 17:30

Tags Future  Thoughts  Sad 

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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
A very thought - provoking text. Thank you for giving me the pleasure to ready it :) We are the citizens of the world :) it's so simple

Awsome write.
You express yourself so well here! Very thoughtful, thought-provoking write.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
This is ..... wow.....
makes you think