sometimes i just dont know what
to say to make you stay afloat
i try to say im sorry but
the words catch in my throat
and its not fair the way i feel
i dont how, or when
every time i try not to, everytime im real
i screw up again

and my face sags down
coming alive, all my fears
it shows all through my frown
and the streaming tears
my shoulders shrug
because i dont know what else to do
i cant just give you a hug
i said im sorry, baby i love you

my heart is heavy, as is my head
i tried to make a joke
but hurt you instead
and now im sorry with every keystroke
i know it will all be better in awhile
i know as the tears drip off my brow
i know this is just another trial
but im still crying right now

Poetry by matt
Read 451 times
Written on 2006-07-26 at 06:38

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Malin Johansson
A very good poem here matt, I can feel this regret, and the sorryness...