This is A prayer I say anytime I feel any negative emotion about myself, an enemy, or a friend.

prayer for the selfrenemy

You are the other side
to my coin, I've felt
what I wish upon you
I wish upon myself
so I'm sorry for any mistakes I made
I'm sorry we haven't seen eye to eye

I'm making this prayer for you
and sincerely hope it comes true
may your love flow and fill freely
may your pain and your loss dissipate
may your smiles stay wide
and your anger subside
may joy and wisdom be your fate

May you find what you search for
outside and within
may your peace be boundless
and always win/win
I pray that you listen
and also be heard
that you always rest easy
and be self assured

Simply be happy
find a way how
may my love embrace you
may this prayer find you now

Poetry by matt
Read 809 times
Written on 2013-12-18 at 12:47

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Hope it finds its mark, this splendid prayer.