soft knock, tick tock

so I was sittin in my bed
thoughts kept drippin in my head
oh I was trippin but instead
I wasn't livin I was dead
I got so sick of hating and waiting
and praying delaying kept saying
it wasn't too late so I tried to wait
held the lies and despised the rise
of my tries dies until I realize

there's more in store for this
if I don't show or go through
a metamorphosis there's more then this
a forlorn kiss never adorned for bliss
I'm not looking for pity or a shoulder to cry on
don't need some shitty It's over speech to get by on
I'm just letting the words and feelings come out
my hands dancing romancing the paper right now
you can shake your head but you gotta know this is how
I just keep writing instead of saying this shit out loud
but to my objection heres one exception
I'm taking this direction and riding it out

It's always been about you and it pisses me off
soft knock, tick tock, the clock never stops
drops the heart feel better so you'll forever say no
clever way try to sever the pain but you never let go
letters say whatever you play it however you go
grown to be shown to be the only one that never obeyed the ruling
alone won't be thrown on the only one that ever truly knew me
it's you see, you look right through me and blew me away
but duly you took the true me left in the dust with nothing to say
except the walls drop and chop down I fall down cause I knew
that now I know the truth so true it's always been about you

extreme regime screamin' in my mind
supreme theme streamin and I find
grieve can't breathe try to leave you behind but it seems
you're like a dream I can't let go but I know I can
a gleamin show tomorrow provin I can stand
It's stealin I know although I got another plan
a reason to go slow and be a better man
not add to americas box of self deprocating tools
pretending to care about those desecrating our schools
while they share in the blame creating a generation of fools
raised by the media craze lettin the t.v. raise their kids
but I digress, this is not the place or time
I must confess that when I started all this rhyme
I was trying to wipe the grime and the slime off my mind
cause I'm blind this crime of climbing down back track a dime
It's drivin me crazy it stays see this hazy
memory both saves me and plays me till I'm all played out
this crowd surrounds and pounds and drowns out all other sounds
in my mind I find the grinding voices speak out

one day I will wake up knowing all this shit is gone
one song sung along a strong wish to move on
I'll take you from my core
and kick you out the door
It's always been about you
but it wont be anymore

Poetry by matt
Read 791 times
Written on 2011-10-15 at 14:10

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