I didn't know what disbelief was
until you were gone
so I've prayed to find relief
In the heart of a minstrels song
But through a thousand brief motifs
The themes are still strong
The grief is not gone
A thief has stolen all I stood on
A good song misunderstood along
Rights I could wrong;
or wrongs I could write
Sights I could fight
To show I should belong

Is it hard since I don't understand?
Or would understanding make it worse?
The man I planned to immerse,
Intertwine the strands of every
Memory of bridges we'd traverse
the wind blew away those grains of sand
I lost even the echo of your tiny hand
And the pain was worse
with every Grand song sung,
every word in each verse

The span of emotions
is incredibly vast
Waves of nausea
I prayed would pass
Followed fast by my boiling blood
At the contrast of your actions
And the answers you gave
Promises of our past that you'd save
To the questions I asked
The feelings you masked
And the way that you lied
Selfish enough that I'd grow
into a side I thought I'd never go
I asked myself if I ever knew you
then if I ever knew me
And I still might never know

it spirals down and down
a rabbit hole that never ends
I hear your words but they're just sound
you really think we could be friends?
there are three recurring themes, first the grief
and the disbelief is number two
The only thing stronger than disbelief?
the love ill always have for you

Poetry by matt
Read 796 times
Written on 2012-11-25 at 05:25

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This really touched me. So clever, so emotive. C

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Well done, Matt. With its clever inner and outer rhymes, this poem reads like a lyric from an old Bob Dylan song. I say that as a compliment