This is not a description of this write, only an appology to the readers. Happy writes will come in time, I promise.

(Temporary Title, as I do not like it.)

Forsaken Insomniac

I sleep wide awake
No sounds, no breath to take.
Pain rising within,
Contemplating a mortal sin.

NO more will I hold the pain inside,
NO more will the truth I hide.
As warm life bleeds from my veins,
Only these pathetic thoughts remain:

"The lonely weep,
As the loved sleep.
Rejected and unwanted,
By love we are haunted."

Angel of Mercy take us away,
End this eternal shame and decay.
Take me from this life of hell,
Take me please....good bye, farewell.

Poetry by SomThinWikid
Read 1011 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 14:54

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John Ashleigh
This is just mere dynamism - and full of emotion. Keep your chin up....


Mukul Dahal
Yes, quite powerful.

keith nunes
very moving. very honest. i like it