My truth

I wish I could sleep forever,
And never die.
I am so tired

And yet I cannot say "Goodbye"

I am nothing,
But a worried soul,
Wandering in darkness

Spinning out-of-control.

My dreams are all broken,
My world full of strife.
The truth is....

Reality is ruining my life.

Poetry by SomThinWikid
Read 1075 times
Written on 2006-01-04 at 00:27

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Black Knight
It is so good to sleep, so good to be a stone,
In century when all that's true is fake.
Just go away, I want to be alone,
Leave me. I don't want to awake...

Some times its better to face the reality then to hide from it, however painful that may be, you may feel lost now ,but you will find your way, as with this you have taken control and put your thoughts in the open. well done :-)

to sleep forever and never die is everyones dream no matter how much they deny it. reality makes us all tired and you dont really have to say good bye since life is a never ending cycle death is just another door waiting to be opend to another life and then the cycle starts over again. the darkness will always be there its how you shine in that darkness that makes it bad or good . and dreams are just fantasy that can be anything you want after you can face the truth and never look away from the reality of that wich you worry overmthis is what i get from the peom i like this

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I agree with KJC -
love in this poem your honesty.

Love the vulnerability in these words, the longing for something more, and the way you express it.