A little story I wrote at Easter time, I'm told it's humorous hope it's enjoyed...

Easter in the Hood (it's a Zoo out there)

Rabbit was coming thru
He didn't play
Easter was his day
You did whatever he'd say

About an hour ago
Rooster's phone would ring
Rabbit said if his eggs (product) wasn't ready
Rooster & his Chickenhead hen would
be hot wings

Rabbit & all his boys were killers
All of them one thru nine
plus Rooster knew for a fact
Rabbit carried a Mach & 2- nines

Rooster was no one's chicken
He wasn't a punk
But in addition to the forementioned hardware
Rabbit carried a shoty in the trunk

Mother Goose also wanted product too
She had kids, and wanted her s*&^
She would send some sleazy alley cats his way
But that was nothing compared to the dogs
Rabbit rolled with

Rabbit would roll thru with those pits
they would all be strapped down
He'd have his supped up Acura with
A banging system that would be shaking the ground

If the product was ready
Then Rooster stood to make some enz
But if it wasn't Rabbit was blazing
And Rooster did care about his Hen
But what about him

He two-wayed his chick
Trying to keep his voice steady
She said don't worry
Rabbit's and Mother Goose's
Product was ready

Rooster hit up rabbit
Mother Goose too
But he forgot Boss Hog's product
He sent his Pigs thru

Everybody got locked up
he wondered if it's like this everywhere
That's Easter in the Hood
Careful everyone it's a zoo out there

Poetry by Will
Read 1195 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 17:03

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I love this -
a very funny look at a serious subject
well done.


Dan Cederholm

Hahaha you are so funny I love this one!!!

Welcome to the Zoo . . .

Regards Dan


Love Knight
Yea a zoo. nice comparison. it's a zoo everyday in Atlanta, Ga. but it is funny. that is comedy.

Kathy Lockhart
this is fun! I love it. I can just see this happening. "the product" drug deals in bunny town. lol Funny stuff. :D kathy