selfishness, pity, hope, determination

you have spent all this time

sitting, wallowing in your self-pity

with nothing on your mind

except how your life is so shitty

and you walked down

a path of selfish desire

wearing a victimized frown

not looking for something higher

to you noone else has problems, surely not

youre complaining that its hot

when everyone around you is on fire

so take your petty apologies

and get off of my shoulders

looking at me, on your knees

saying things you could have told her

looking down on me

yelling instead

of trying to see

the evil you've bred

its not my fault that you are lost

its not your fault that i am still crying

and inside we pay the cost

of wishing we were dying

i too, have sinned

through all the pain, and all the rest

i stood by and grinned

as we didnt try our best

kept looking for others to blame

because its hard to face whats real

inside were all the same

we all get hurt, all bleed, and all heal

so dont say to me

i dont know what youre feeling

i hurt once too, i bled constantly

before i started healing

though bad memories will last

concentrate with every word, every letter

that through the ghosts of your past

you will learn to make the future better

dont you realize

all the time you spend grieving

hurts you more, closes your eyes

and keeps you from believing

that through the worst drought

the darkest night

if you have faith, and you never doubt

morning still comes, you'll still see light

if you have problems you cant put on track

then put them behind you

and never look back

so you dont relive them, too

and if you have problems that you can rectify

then dont sit around moping, about your heart so heavy

and dont come asking what we cant answer, dont ask why

just go out and fix them already

Poetry by matt
Read 485 times
Written on 2006-08-02 at 22:48

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I agree, a very good flow! In the beginning it seems kind of mad, I feel like the mood changes towards the end...I don`t know if that is done with purpose, but I think it adds something to the poem!:) It becomes very strong...

Malin Johansson
I liked this poem very much...
Such a dept in it...
but still so easy to read, a good flow!!