This poem is inspired by a heart-wrenching--but incredible story that I read on the MSN website.

Atrocity In Austria

stuck in a cellar

frozen in time

getting older

the scars seething with panic

eyes now sensitive to light

an albino condition--

disturbing, not right

a 10 year old morphed into

an 18 year old body

only identity symbolized by a surgical scar

held hostage...Austria...

echoeing a former kidnapping:

NAZIS holding Austria at gunpoint--

punishment not cooperating...

not conceding to the propaganda...

Emblazoned By A Swastika

a madman murders himself--throwing his body

in front of a train

reeking of guilt...

reminiscent of Anna Karenina--

but Anna did not keep a terrorized girl hostage:

the only thing she kept in captivity was her passionate heart...

locked away in her secrets...her silence...

Whereas the forced silence in Natascha's case is criminal--

reality wreaks havoc with a concerned reader's mind--

atrocities that take place in the world...

children being snatched right off the sidewalk on the way

to school...

What a sad place this earth can be...

I know that God cries, his feelings overflowing in tears

Violence Against The Innocent--

When Will It Ever End?

At least this young girl fought her way to freedom...a lucky one

that will get to live the rest of her life:

instead of her parents saying good-bye to her prematurely,


her remains in a casket, or an urn, her potential for life kept

quietly in a mausoleum.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 755 times
Written on 2006-08-25 at 01:30

Tags Austria  Kidnapping  Freedom 

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Judy T Lloyd
I agree this is an atrocity and well. Let God handle her kidnapper, surely he will pay the price. But again this is poignant poetry.

keith nunes
a sad tale - thanks for passing it on