Another poem that came to me out of the sad story of Natascha.


Tears For Natascha

You're so lucky:

Being led out of hell with God's hand...

Seeking an opportunity escaping to freedom:

An open door--a portal to survival...

Joy For Natascha

You now can find some peace

You can deal with the demons--

One disguised as the "Stockholm Syndrome"...

Happiness For Natascha

You now get to live the rest of your life:

A gift, not being snuffed out like the light

Of a beautiful, iridescent candle...

Relief For Natascha

You are going home:

Where you'll be embraced with love and compassion;

Not treated horribly by a madman:

Kept imprisoned in a secluded dark dungeon--

But brought into the light,

Enveloped In Family

And God's Great Delight.

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 770 times
Written on 2006-08-25 at 01:44

Tags God  Natascha  Austria 

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Judy T Lloyd
I read about this story today and felt that it was so sad but she has my prayers as well. This is a lovely poem and timely for her. I hope she gets a chance to read it.
God bless you.