actually when i wrote this poem i was in imense pain, my heart was crying alot , i love someone , and i was missing her alot , i hope you too understand the pain thats hiding somewhere behind the words that speak my heart. i await your honest comments abo

whenever you miss someone

lost in a world,
not uncurled.
lost in a pain,
every bits in vain.

running in mangroves,
dark around.
crying to see,
atleast hear a sound.

crawling and laming,
struggling with heart.
scratching and bleeding,
tearing tissues apart.

bleeding eyes can weep no more,
emotions flooding heart can keep no more.

i can hear a sound,
is someone really sighing.
i am pushed to ground,
is someone really spying.

tearing the hair,
fighting the scare.
i wanna hug you,
but you aren't there.

digging the ground,
moving to and fro.
wet due to sweat,
wiping the brow.

i can see u through mist,
but you are far out to reach.
i cant come to you now,
i am caught by a leech.

and as soon as i put all of my best,
i woke up out of this impossible quest.

no matter whatever you do,
how hard the hell you try.
u'll always come undone,
whenever you miss someone.


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 842 times
Written on 2006-08-26 at 22:33

Tags Sadness 

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This poem was excelent. While reading I could feel the sense of you reaching out for something and it wasn't there. Even though it was rhyming I still could feel the immense pain and longing in your words. I loved it and Im sorry you had to go through this. Just keep in mind with pain comes pleasure.

~Aaron Rowe

thnx kittipuusen

Wow.. This was really wonderful ;)
Filled with heartbreake..
It's hard to miss someone like that..
"I wanna hug you,
but you arn't there"
I love that sentence..
I love the entire poem ;)