colours are wonderful right ? ask me i have another story about them.............

colours of my relationship

earth, blood, flowers.
sun, stars, sky.
everyone has its own colour,
i always wondered why?

so even i chose colours for my life,
but they hit me back hard,
like a red hot knife.

i walked on a path,
who's end i never knew,

so i start with white no wonder,
coz it makes me remember you,

white i chose coz,
she was like a silent storm,
heading right towards me,
she was as charming as,
no one can ever be.

she made no delay in it,
and stole my heart from me,
thats the reason i told u
she was a silent storm,
only meant for me.

And then i chose cream,
Coz it was the time i used to dream,
dream about her,
dream abt me,
dream about us together,
dream about 'we'.

since then i started loving grey,
Coz from you,
i didnt want to be away.
you were the reason,
I came to college,
while i was least interested in knowledge.

Since then i admired blue,
coz our relationship was new.
I still remember you,dressed in jeans blue,
you looked awesome,
and no less did I.
I was lefted enchanted when I saw you,
you woke me up with a HI!!!

And then came maroon,
Coz time passed so soon,
Every second I spent with you,
vapourised like a droplet of dew.

Soon followed black,
Coz time we used to lack,
we never knew,
when morning darkened to night,
and our step we had to back.

Then came the phase of yellow,
when everthing was sweet and mellow,
when we completely got along,
like love birds singing song.

And how can i forget the colour pink,
the way you used to wink.
and everytime time you used to do that,
you sent shivers through my spine,
and made float on clou nine.

And all those days I fancied magenda,
coz keeping you happy was my only agenda.

And since then colours came and went so fast,
not even for a month did they last.

It all starte with lavender,
when about you everytime,
i used to wonder.

Then shattered me the colour green.
Coz i turned selfish and mean.

Then kept killing me colour orange,
Coz things got to be so strange.

And when i chose the colour brown,
when my queen i wanted to crown.
things tooka tragic turn,
and left my heart to burnn.

I didnt even know ,
about the influence of voilet.
our relationship was so good,
I never meant to spoil it.

I wish i can get everthing together,
I know I can bring back the jade that has weathered.

But my hopes were ground to dust.
And so this was a must.

And hence I gave her a choice,
she chose the colour red,
and pronounced our relationhip as dead.

....... but i still love her lots .

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 1164 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 08:39

Tags Sad  Colours 

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Kathy Lockhart
Zee this is such a wonderful poem. It is sad because of your lost love but it is beautiful because of your pure poetry. The images are so vivid and your use of color to describe events, moods, and emotions is brilliant. Well done. You are a very talented young man who will one day have all of your dreams fall into place. Keep writing. It is good medicine. : ) mom xx