relations just keep getting better with time................

whiskey tales

Its morning, it's raining,
I wake up to see,
she's walking, and she's silent,
comforting a cup of tea.

A smile is all she passed;
sipping warmth of the leaves,
hair loosely tucked,
and checked shorts,
that are four inches above the knees.

Lazy looks she smarts,
glass on her eyes,
loose 'T' cotton green,
with shabby folded sleeves.

I kissed her ears and her neck,
she closed her eyes not to see,

the room still speaks tales of love,
it kicks me back to the night,
while she dug her face in my chest,
and my arms holding her tight.

I looked into her eyes,
while she was still close to me.
she lost her smile,
when I touched her back, her waist,
I love the smell of her skin,
and the way her innocence taste.

and just while she went crazy,
love you is all she could say,
giving me just the right reason,
To miss last night and this day.

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 826 times
Written on 2009-11-25 at 23:34

Tags Love 

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