there's one inside everyone..................


It's one-half at the night,
and i am already six beers down,
but i can still collect senses,
of whats going around.

James heating up with jade,
guess, Stacy's mouthed to Kenny,
and who cares if its him,
coz he's just one out of many,

mat just happened to ruin,
my ten grant carpet,
but he's just heavily drunk,
while some are busy reaching nirvana,
some are grooving to punk,

then i look at the ceiling,
and down at the floor,
blink my eyes which are now drowsy,
feels i can take no more.

my thing had quite a marathon, hour ago,
so its now on hibernation,
and when these bitches try steam my lap,
you cant gauge my frustration,

my name is Neville,
but evil i am called,
and i don't mind the expression they give,
coz i have no time to look back and live.................

and that's just me.

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 881 times
Written on 2009-11-16 at 12:02

Tags Brats 

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