i know u still love me , n there's some reason behind ur actions, but plz do come back to me.

PlEa$e (oMe B@(k T0 mE


with every breathe i take,
i remember you.
with every move i make,
i remember you.

i have seen the truth,
in your eyes.
those commitments you made,
were no lies.

you are the cure,
for my every itch,
when my life was torn,
you gave a stich.

i have faith in you,
you are my love,
you are sacred to me ,
i keep you all above.

you celebrated my victory,
with me all along.
when my life was silent,
you gave me a song.

you knew i was alone,
so you gifted me a teddy.
you promised me,
you'll make my life happy and steady.

during every essembly,
you used to stare the gate,
coz u knew i'll be standing out,
as i come late.

when i met with an accident,
you cried like a child,
and whenever somebody,
tried to hurt me,
you went so wild.

but after all this time,
you say it was an attraction,
and that you wanna forget it,
within a fraction.

oh dear ! ! ! !

rather dead,
i would like to be.
but i plead you,
please come back to me.


"please all you people pray for me"

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 1103 times
Written on 2007-03-12 at 14:35

Tags Sad 

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This is such a beautiful pleading poem my friend! So romantic is literally pours out onto the page, verse length suits perfectly too. I am sure, she will melt in the read. Love is a bumpy road sometimes, never fear, if it is meant to be, it will be. Good to read your work again and to experience such loving expression from so young a male poet. Don't go and turn melancholic will you? Smiling at you, Tai

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a heart-felt poem Zee. Your pain is real and I am so sorry you are feeling so blue. Love will come back to you Zee whether it comes from her or another. You will find it again. ((hugs)) mom