she left me lone , n now i feel like an orphan........... :((


he lost his mother,
while he was an infant.

and unfortunately lost his father,
when he learnt wearing pant,

when his cake had cndles five,
he lost his sister,
playing with a knife.

then fate played another game,
it made him bend,
it made him lame.

when he was stuying in his high school,
he lost his brother in a whirlpool.

all his life he was made to mourn,
he had no one,
he was all alone.

and no one knows if he can survive,
they only listen his painfull cry.

it was hard for him,
to bare the pain ,
and impossibble,
to remove the stain.

i know wats going through mind,
you must be feeling pitty for the kind.

but give a glance on the other side,
be brave and don't just hide.

he had to put six people,
into the coffin.

but i only lost her,
an became an orphan................

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 1156 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 08:03

Tags Sad 

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a poignant piece which struck me with its power. Zee this is bookmarked.