i wrote this for my dad on his birthday.

love you dad

so calm you are like a dove,
you always garnished our life with love.
for anything we asked,
you never gave a no.
howeveryou managed,
whether fast or slow.


you are our armour,
you are our sheild,
you give only happiness,
not even an irc of pain you yeild,

you are our joy,
you are our mirth,
even heavens praise the mother,
who gave you birth.

you are so good,
you are so selfless,
he (god) has to bless you,
even he'll be helpless.

there will come one day dad,
when things will be alright,
flowers will again blossom,
sun will shine bright.

i know for us always high u aspired,
never did you regret ,
and all the blues you fired.

everytime harder you climbed,
climbed forgetting,
how much you were tired,
and thats why from us our sweet dad you are admired.


oh god ! only for one thing i cry,
and to ask this i'll never feel shy,
on my rebirth.
give me nothing i never had,
but a promise,
to give me the same dad !


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 604 times
Written on 2006-08-26 at 23:34

Tags Love 

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It's wonderful ;)
To write something like that to thei're dad on his birthday, is lovley!
I understand how much you love your dad, just by reading this poem!
Wonderful ;)

In this poem, I could feel you wanting to thank your father for making you the kind of person you are today. Describing the kind of dad you thought he was. I thought it was very sincere. Good Job

~Aaron Rowe

keith nunes
very nice!