when you feel you discover what actually life is, i feel the feeling of a strong feel that has to be felt to feel the real feeling within a man.


how does it feel to an ant,
to an infant.
when she builds up a hill,
when he stands up with his will.

how does it feel to a doctor,
when he saves a life.
how does it feel to a stuntman,
when he plays with a knife.

how does it feel to a student,
when he misses his year.
how does it feel to a faint-hearted,
when he faces his fear.

how does it feel to a mother,
when she gives birth to a child.
how does it feel to a cow boy,
when he domesticates the wild.

sometimes suppressible,
sometimes revealing.

a very lethal weapon is it?
NO ! its your very own feeling.


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 623 times
Written on 2006-08-28 at 21:13

Tags Feeling 

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Shraddha Manvi
This is too good....i randomly picked up one of ur poems to read...and the first one itself is so nice!

I'm sure this will hold true of ur remaining poems too....