its a discription of the lady i love, hope it enables you imagine her. she's unbelievably beatuifull n adorable......

about thou....

Thou black deep eyes penetrate through heart,
That soothing smile no doubt looks smart.

Thou chin gives thou face an added charm,
Thou breath so sensational,
Makes the surrounding go warm.

"What clicked thou mind oh lord!
That thou sent down this wonder,
My heart oh lord why did she plunder ".

A fragrance leaves thou body,
And mesmerizes my mind,

Only a faint thought,
And find no clue left behind.

Thou smile plays a miracle,
Tracks me into a feeling,
I am unable to tackle.

Nothing I want,
Only thou I seek.
Today no false,
Only truth I speak.

On knees I beg,
Please be all mine,
And I promise no sorrows,
Only happiness will be thine.

Dear can't explain my love to thou,
But can assure only one thing.
That always a smile to your face,
My love will bring.


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 483 times
Written on 2006-08-29 at 17:46

Tags Love 

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kudos to u . gr8 work.