i was going fine untill someone tried to disrupt my life, this poem says it.................. the line 'life for me was a dot ' , means life for me is only one person , and thats whom i love.

who my happines raped

Once when i was walking
Down the streets,
Giving myself
A healthy merry treat.

Was happy with whatever i had got,
Was no circle,
Life for me was a dot.

Every second gave me
Innumerous joys,
As if i was awarded,
With my desired toys.

My heart sang an inaudible song,
This scene continued for quite a time long.

Down went the sun,
Up came the moon.
Quietness calmed,
Harsh it became soon.

Even though,
Now everything is fine,
I have everything that has to be mine.

I still remember,
Inanimate i stayed,
Continuously with frustration
Everywhere i gaped in a wild desire,
To find the one....

'Who my happiness raped'

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 615 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 19:21

Tags Sad 

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Michael G
very interesting.. though i would like to better understand what you mean by "who my happiness raped" it sorta confused me in a way