i know this one is a bit odd and different from the ones i usually write, but it carries a whole lot of pain in it, the original note still carries the tear stains on it, hope the poem reflects the pain i m expereincing.....i wanna cry.


When from a son,
A father asks for a death.
Hearing this cry he (son),
Hates his every breathe.

Running deep in sorrow,
He kills himself.
With hundreds of curses,
He fills himself.

When eyes darken,
And wake up in hell,
With death angel ready,
To ring the knell.

He begs and begs,
To his father for a pardon.
Coz he desires no thorns,
But a beautiful garden.

And then he turns,
Back to the death's call.
Laughing at him,
He stands stiff like a wall.

Says, "You can do no harm to me,
You can't kill someone who's dead already".

Saying these words he trembles down,
And gets himself into a hellish gown.

With no smile on his face,
But a saddening weep.
That ran through his face,
And went heart deep.

White and dead he cries,
"Pardon me dad for this dismaying life".

"But now that, i am not with you all,
I know there won't be sorrows,
And you all can have a ball,
But i wish i was there,
I wish if my mistakes,
For some longer you could bare"

I am crying and crying,
I beg for your love,
Before you all,
Today i bow.

"I need you."


Poetry by zeeshan
Read 770 times
Written on 2006-08-31 at 12:46

Tags Sad 

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sad , really a sad tale. finely expressed.

this is really a hard read, because pain just kind of pours from it... the sad idea is that by going away others won't feel hurt anymore... but that's not how it is, life is not so kind/harsh (depending on how you look at it)... my favorite writes are those old tear-stained folded ones... this is emotive and well-expressed, nice job.

Zoya Zaidi
A very intrguing tale... The pain is raw and heartfelt...
Why do youngsters kill themselves?
They want love and attention; and some times get it in death; all that they craved for in life!!!

Disturbing poem!

Welcome to the bay for my end!