love someone, as he/she loves to be loved......... i wrote this poem just a moments ago , it was just that i strtd writing n ended up with these feelings..... n i hope i am right with my defination of loving someone.


Once upon a summer,
I was sitting on my couch,
My eyes glued to the picture,
Stuck in my pouch.

I wondered, what's love,
If i could define,
And ended up with not one.
But a hundreds of lines.

To love someone,
Is to love.......
The way they love to be loved.

And then i fell asleep.
And dreamt of a dream,
I never dreamt of dreaming.

She whispered in my ears,
Her breathe sent thrills through my body,
Now i could see not two,
But an eye starring at me.
I was so close that i could
Feel the fragrance of her breathe,

Then with her silent voice,
And drowsy eyes she said to me

"Love me the way,
I wanna be loved,
Coz love for me means,
Something that's different"

And now that i know my lady needs a love,
She needs freedom,
Coz she is a dove,
She needs to fly,
In this heavenly sky.

I love her like mad,
And don't know the reason why?

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 617 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 21:16

Tags Love 

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there is nothing wrong with your poems
but i would like to suggest you before posting any of your poems read them twice becoz you put a very good heading and good begining but somewhere you tend to increase some of other words which don't relate to your heading of the poem by the way your english is good comparing to mine
so i can feel that oneday you will succed in your life

keith nunes
lovely piece. love them they want to be loved. great stuff