well nothing seems to be going right with the "wihin me" creature, i burst out with these sudden feelings..... it really hurts ...... its still paining

when nothing went right......

I can see her sitting,
In class next to mine.

I am dying within,
While i seem very fine.

Why my god? Why oh lord?
Tell me why's this happening to me,
Why in this poor state am i forced to be?

You know i am a druggist,
You know i am a smoker,
You know i consume alcohol.

You know i am addicted,
You know my addiction.

She's the drug that gives me a kick,
She's the smoke that's filled within me,
She's the alcohol that runs through my veins,

Am i poisoned?
I am poisoned!
I am dying coz of venom,
That you spelt as love.

So am i a sinner,
If i love her, oh lord!

I am a human,
Then why is it so?
Why didn't my mistakes,
She just let them go?

I know i went wrong,
So much to pay for it? (!!!!)
For my innocent mistakes,
Such a bitter hit? (!!!!)

I still remember.......

Holding your hand,
Holding it tight.

I stood dead-alive,
When nothing went right.

( `*~.need you oh lord,
Am crying and dying,
I love her a lot,
And hope deserve the same.~*` )

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 946 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 18:56

Tags Sad 

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You are really improving
I felt your deep pain here
Like I was seeing with your pen on your hand when writing this text

Raju Swamy
I think I have started liking your verses. You take me back to my younger days. Your passion for her will get to her one day & that day you may find yourself confused.

Amanda K
Echoes of feelings do beat.Just go straight to her and let her your feelings speaking simply.That was good.

this is so painful to hear...when nothing went right...it's good to call to someone who can be trusted,that's God. Remember,pray to god for this...and he will answer it. He answers WAIT,NO,and YES.
NO-coz he doesn't want to lose you if you'll just look at the answer without thinking of him.
WAIT-coz the right time to answer prayers will come.
YES-he will do it for you...

YES he will but just WAIT but he says NO if you would ignore him...and focus on the other things.

keith nunes
impassioned piece. keep writing friend it helps. don't give up, you never know what's around the corner. good work

Zoya Zaidi
You write with a passion unparallel!
Right from the heart with the sentiments fresh and unadulterated...

Bravo, Zeeshan!