well this isn't only a text but, is a painfull experience i had......pain it still pains

gift her to me..........

Undo my mistakes,
Come down oh lord!!!
Come down with your,
Miracle sword!!!

You have a universal eye,
So can't you now see me cry? (!!!)
Do you feel pity for me?
Why so strange are you trying to be? (!!!)

You can do wonders,
Yes you can!

Please almighty, i need her now,
Don't ask me why,
Don't ask me how.

Move it now,
Move your magical stick,
Her absence oh lord makes me sick.

Do it oh lord! Do it please,
Give me her, give me ease.

No! This isn't a request oh lord,
This is a plead,
No more now my eyes can bleed (cry)

She's the one i can't live without,
I wanna breathe her in,
And never leave her out.

Maybe i go demanding now,
But help i seek only from thou.

Nothing is hidden from you oh lord!
Maybe that is why they call you god.

To understand my love you need no write,
To see my trouble you need no sight.

I know, she is the jade,
That you have made.

And you better know,
I was lost in her love,

I ask pardon for stealing the jade of thou!!!

Poetry by zeeshan
Read 936 times
Written on 2006-09-10 at 20:18

Tags Sad 

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Raju Swamy
A well written plea. I think the lord will have to answer now.

good piece. i can really feel the emotion in the work, the struggle, the sentiment, the desire. i also like how it's structured as a prayer. really good work! =)