We all have them and these are a few of mine.

Pet Peeves

Don't you hate the guy that asks, I thought you would want to know, but you really don't and would not ask him if you did.
Those commercials you know the one that has the silly looking dude advertising male enhancements.
Like does it really make a difference if Bob is a big man back at the clubhouse, like is he going to use it to hit the golfballs?
Or does he truly think they will use his enhanced part to dive into the swimming pool?
Where did they get him from the backroom at the White House, where
Monica hide the famous blue dress?
Or the commercial where they have a lizard selling insurance, I mean what does a lizard know about auto claims?
Unless he is driving the other car that hit you or ran down the wife of Bob the man with the male enhancement's dress.
Would you really buy a car that got blown out of a volcano?
Better yet what happens if the guy that drops off the cliff, wakes up in the middle of the night and finds he only has one sheet of toliet paper?
My favorite pet peeve question is to ask how the hell does he get back up to that cliff?
Would not his wife sort of have problems herself?
How many people actually believe that State Farm is on their side, considering the New Orleans fiasco?
Or this one, some guy is bearing down on you and passes you on a double solid line only to turn off the road about two hundred feet ahead of you.
Perhaps he got his brakes done at AAMCO but you are the one that needs Maaco?
A favorite pet peeve of mine is going to the bathroom and you really have to go but someone is in the bathroom, taking a bath, doing both numbers and by the time you get in, you find you only have one sheet of toliet paper.
Or they tell you that all men are created equal but obviously they never saw the induction line in the military or the line in the radiation onocology unit.
But hey they have this dopey looking guy who appears to have been on an all night drunk advertising the male enhancement product.
These are a few of my pet peeves.
My husband's is that the dog lets off better smelling gas than he does.
Once the dog even took his shoes out into the back yard and buried them.
I had to stifle a laugh when the dog got up left when my husband had a gas explosion.
I wonder if they give GasX to Bob the guy with the male enhancement problem and the guy that jumped off the cliff gets back up the mountain.
Naw, sounds like the one where the guy says I thought you would want to know but do you?

Poetry by Judy T Lloyd
Read 1074 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 02:56

Tags Humor  Satire 

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Alison Clarke

I really enjoyed this poem. I can understand these pet peeves. I wonder myself why there is such a fascination, obsession with that part of a male's anatomy--and the association with the supposed masculinity. Also, your critiques about stupid commercials is something that I agree with too. I really understanding this piece. Take care, and have a good day.

Zoya Zaidi
Hi Jody, this is so absobluminutely Hillarious.
Witty is putting it mildly, it is brilliant!

Welcome to the bay from my side.


keith nunes
LOL wonderfully woven together and witty all the way!