This is in response to Xuxa's "Lament of a Young Child" Lets see where it goes.

Review (Response to Xuxa)

Lost emotions had caused my actions
To set off impossible, devastating reactions
My path of destruction was not to leave
Caught up in messes I hadn't the time to grieve

The day was a long one and time was the knife
Piercing my enemies and shortening their life
With each impalement I felt the words
They tried to say, not being heard

The night was long too but still they tried
To serve me payback with a side of pride
Yet the poison I carried would be the key
On my nightly killing spree

Remorse I was lacking but I didn't care
If the innocent suffered, It wasn't fair
Yet a little voice inside told me my path
Would open the door for fate's wrath

Weeks went on and one after another
Would fall at the hand at no other
Than the person who sought a solution
To the pain that had caused his pollution

One day alone in a wheat covered field
I received a letter by horseback
Saying that as for my attack, I should yield
Or see my family disappear into the black

The day grew closer and only I knew
How I would see the battle through
My need for blood would strengthen my cause
Open my mind and fix all of my flaws

As nightfall came I slipped into the dark
As for my quest, I was about to embark
On a journey that would decide
The life of my family and weather they died

At the break of dawn I approached the town
Where the battle would happen; the great showdown
My voiced carried through the empty walls
of the once vibrant area that was now down

As they emerged I drew my blade
I was alone and I had no one to aide
Their faces were solemn and yet I could see
The emotion inside fighting to break free

The battle was fierce and I didn't heed
The warning that was sent before with speed
Therefore my family was kidnapped and I had a choice
To surrender my resistance or make louder my voice

One by one they fell by my blade
I thought about the mess I had made
Now I had defeated the few
I had to get back my family and quickly too

I scoured the plains in search of my kin
And a answer that was buried within
Only with time I would finally see
The benefit of admitting my mistakes and setting them free

I found my family at the abandoned mine
I wish my courage and rage could entwine
To give me ultimate power in times like this
Yet such a combination does not exist

I quietly went down to the mine
With my purpose in mind I would be fine
They were tied up and without a doubt
I would find a way to break them out

First thing was first, I killed those in my way
I was determined to fix this corrupted fray
All were defeated and I finally could touch
The family I'd forgotten yet loved so much

As I walked my family to the crossroads
I knew I had to lighten my load
So I said good-bye to my family of three
And disappeared into what could be

I had the time to reflect
On what I wanted and how I wrecked
My relationship with the ones I held dear
My need for power filled others with fear

Killing was natural but why did it commence
I needed a barrier like a steel cage or a fence
To save me from myself and the power
I constantly sought hour by hour

I had a chance to make a mends
With the ones I loved including my friends
If they remembered me or even cared
Would they remember all we shared

Like it or not the decision was made
To give up my ways and make a trade
For a peaceful life and watch the sky
In the evening wave its last good-bye

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 1340 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 08:18

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All I can say is... wow. I am so impressed that you decided to make a poem in response to my work. It is very well executed and extremely emotional. Exactly how I would've wanted it. It is so beautiful. Thank you for gracing me! It means so much to me! EXCELLENT job. =D