Let the emotion begin!!!!!!!!!

My Escape

Heaven!!! Heaven!! Hear my plea!
Give me strength to set me free
Walls now closing, I must evade
Or seal my fate. I am most afraid.

My choices few, I must be blind.
My past will not be left behind.
This ghost that seems to follow me
Must dissipate, must leave me be.

People wronged some time ago

Revenge up front, yet Im weak
I know Im beat, but find a way
To fix this problematic fray.

Now its rains, I curse the skies!!!!
The flood occurs and I wonder why.
Down on my luck, no hope in sight
Just added damage, rotten plight

Tornadoes, waves make their debut.
My fate now on warning; this can't be true.
A preview of what I deserve.
Forget it! Just work up the nerve.

This was it; my final hour,
Drained of will and drained of power,
I braced myself for impacting blows.
Would I survive? They couldn't know

I opened eyes and I was alright
Heavens blessed me; felt delight
Some cared about me, I'm in debt;

Maybe I'll finally forget

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 699 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 17:06

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Good write. Very well structured. I especially liked the weather references. Nice one! =)