Thanks to pia for the inspiration. : ) This will be a personified poem.

A New Morning (Part 2)

Sunbeams kissed my face as the window allowed them to do so
The bed nested me with a warm embrace
I rose to see the moon waving its last good bye for the time being
The sun was just making its last yawn from previous day

As I walked the cooling floor chilled my feet
The air around me hugged my body like a warm blanket
I could smell the aroma of fresh ground coffee
The vanilla was calling my name

The walk downstairs was like a kiddy ride
Each step a reminder of the old slide in the park
The feel of the wind greeting my hair
My entrance into the kitchen was like a show beginning

As I went through the kitchen the smell increased
Of not just coffee but its acquaintances
The eggs and bacon and coffee all did dance in my mouth
As they now lay rest in their final location

I got ready for the day ahead
The sun knew not of my presence
For it would shine in days to come
And I too would shine with it

As I opened the door
The sunbeams kissed me once again
For I thought to myself one more time
A new morning had arrived

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 479 times
Written on 2006-09-24 at 04:15

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Excellent imagery.

The sun loves us all!!!