Memories of horror

He looked down at his blood-stained hands.
What had he done?

He could not comprehend.

The memories of the previous night washed over him and he gasped out of horror.

He saw it all before him now, clear as the gentle flow of a crystal-clear river running through a mountain. Suddenly the river turned ferocious and roared as it destroyed all in it's path.

He saw himself stroking her gentle neck with the palm of his dry hand.
Stroking, caressing, inhaling every scent of her body.
He bent down to taste her. His tongue rolling over her, exploring every part of her.

She tasted so good. Too good. He wanted more. More and more, he could not get enough of her. She started to whine. He ignored it. She started to squeal from pain. He didn't hear it. He wanted more.

He dug his dirty finger nails deeper into her soft skin. Deeper and deeper. Her breathing slowed down until it was barely audible.

She was breathing slowly, slowly. He was breathing faster and faster. His heart beating so hard it almost hurt inside his chest.
Everything went dark before his eyes. Evil surrounded him as a thick, misty fogg taking his sight away from him. Stealing his very existance.

Now she lay there before his very eyes. Blood trickling down her divine body, down her bare neck flowing over her chest down her long legs.
Her eyes open wide in terror. Her mouth gasping, her face frozen in a gruesome mask.

His tongue licked the blood off his own lips. He remembered now. He remembered everything. The horror had gone away. He could not believe that he had forgotten who he was for that short instance, forgotten the evil which was the new him.

He moaned from ecstasy.
Yes. He had filled his hunger, emptied his craving. At least for now.

He stood up and gazed at the naked corpse lying at his feet. He emitted an evil, spine-chilling laugh.

He clasped shut his pointed teeth into a horrific smirk and then vanished into darkness...

Short story by Sabrina
Read 1023 times
Written on 2006-09-30 at 19:53

Tags Lust  Blood  Hunger 

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Rob Taylor
Multi-talented huh are a very skiled writer keepo it up and you will definitely become a master wordsmith.

Kathy Lockhart
Well written! You had me captured. Creepy, eerie, haunting stuff. I love it.

"He say himself stroking her gentle neck with the palm of his dry hand. "
Huh? ^^

I love the ending honey