one more day and still so dry
the eyes of wonder wont wonder why
one thing to say and its all done
plenty to hide but nowhere to run
in the confines of a mind
the place where you left everything behind
where you find all you've hidden, all you try not to think of
found hatred in yourself, remembering lost love

walking on a beach
driven by a motive to teach
but losing strength and losing it fast
gaining doubt by forgetting the past
savoring dreams that surely wont last
and ignoring surroundings of less comforting reality
seeing inward fear turn out in me
waves crashing down
drowning out the sound
of everything else around
leaving you in a place
leaving you staring at a shattered mirror of your face
this ocean of emotion
drowns you in your own disgrace
regret and longing
truth evasive and prolonging
you think its not fair
that whats needed isnt there
but thats just not how it goes
everyone, even you knows
anyone can make a mistake
but when you are still wallowing in the wake
you cant help yourself
you cant grow if you dont plant the seed
you cant heal if you keep making yourself bleed
and neither can anyone else

so dont sit around wondering why
dont relive all the things that make you cry
its always hard, but you still have to try
to keep your head up looking at the sky
take a break and laugh
take a smile and a half
take a love, take a chance
take one good look and a second glance
open your eyes to what you dont want to see
dont be afraid to let yourself free

the irony in our dreams and our fears
our life, ourselves and our peers
is the road to happiness is paved with tears
others can try to carry you along
but they can only help so much, cause past a point its wrong
its your choice, its your path
its your life, and the aftermath
upon reflection you may see
noone else can set you free
as your walking, some can help carry your load
but ultimately its your road
noone can walk it for you
you have to pull through
try not to despair my friend
its always worth it in the end

Poetry by matt
Read 521 times
Written on 2006-10-01 at 12:01

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Kathy Lockhart
Matt, this is a poignant poem. I can identify with its meanings. thank you. I shall bookmark this. : ) kathy