Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are falling,
from their trees
Wintertime is stalling
paying its fees

Summertime is over,
but yet there is time
To enjoy its last footprints, pick some clover
to pay your gratitude to mother nature, not a dime

She will slumber all winter long,
While the landscape is covered with a blanket of white
She will no longer sing her song,
her tune clinging onto the night

Colours surround all in its way
leaves that are red, yellow, orange and brown
The trees desperatly cling to them, but they just won't stay
The streets are covered with a sea of pastels all over town

The geese they fly their way across the seas,
The animals dig into their burrows
all over one can hear their pleas
"Let this winter be mild, I cannot stand more sorrows"

Then the first snowflake falls to the ground
an illusion of cotton, yet much more cold
It falls so gently, without a sound
Everyone enjoys the snow, young and old

The children build their castles of ice
the adults start decorating for Christmas joy
They tell their children "Do be nice,
"or Santa will not give you a toy"

Everyone feels jolly and bright,
they forget about the cold for a while,
and celebrate with all their might
And they all go to bed at night with a wide smile

Poetry by Sabrina
Read 879 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 18:02

Tags Autumn  Christmas  Jolly 

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