This is for fun, it makes no sense, the last two lines will throw you off. : ) A co-write by me and Wehpudicabok.

Wonder about Life

If life were a hotdog
Would you put ketchup on it
If life were a bolt
Would it fit?
If life were a chair
Would one leg break?
If life were a tootsie pop
How many licks would it take?
If life were a road
Would I be able to see?
If life were a calculator
Is the answer three?
If life were a video game
Would I win or lose
If life were a roulette
Which prize would I choose?
If life were a can
I'd drink all inside
If life were a roller coaster
I'd go along for the ride
If life were a knife
Would I run away?
If life were a spoon
Would I go to the buffet?
If life were a blazing fire
Would I put it out
If life were water
Guess what? No more drought
If life were an anime
I'd fall in love
If life were pouring rain
I'd look above

If Life were a sausage

What's your favorite color?

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 646 times
Written on 2006-10-28 at 03:30

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Great job! Well done! Bravo! Love it!

Wow... I can't believe you managed to make a poem out of "if life were a hot dog would you put ketchup on it." Good one though! :)

If life were a poem, would you give it a 5?

Amy Buchanan
I love the analogies in this poem. I like the first verse. I love hotdogs but I prefer mustard on mine. My favorite colors are pink and blue. I think this poem is zippy. Nice write!