the poem is on how people feel when
they think no one really care's about them.
and yet there is a away out of it though i leave that
to the reader to decide. beucase everyone's world has a sun
falling on them it's just how they cope with it that

the falling sun

the sun begin's to fall

on you're already dark day.

you think it's nothing but

what it is will discust you.

everyone around see's you're

tears.s no matter how much

you wipe them away the

redness under you're eye's

tell's the story.

the sun is falling and you're

dark day begin's to get darker

the way you smile and think no one

knows what you do. it makes me glad that

everything i have is coverd by faith

becuase my friend it seem's

that you have lost you'res.

the falling sun makes everything

turn to black and when you see that

you want mind the pain that it

gives becuase the pain you have

really isn't that rare at all just take

let it out and everything will

be fine .

no matter how the sun fall's

on you, just drink it in and

the pain want be so bad

i lived my life with the sun

falling on me but now its gone

beucase i left my mind behind.

i fill fine the pain is gone so

the sun want fall on me anymore.

Just when you think you've lost it all

you loose a little more

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 964 times
Written on 2005-10-03 at 14:40

Tags Sadness 

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
you're already dark day - your already etc

discust - disgust

arr well i am not going through every mistake, but you have quite a few, which is offputting when trying to read.

John Ashleigh
There are alot of spelling mistakes..

-Discust -- Disgust

Your use of apostrophe's is poor, and needs alot of help with it. I advise to use Microsoft word 'spell checker' to help you.

The message is good, none-the-less.