missing you

Every time i close my eye's i see you there

in my arm's it's like you never left at all then

I open heart and what my mind see's lie's to

to my heart i may sound confused or even abstract

the day you left and never came back was the day I

changed forever.

Those moment's never leave my mind I am alway's

comparing other's to you it might not seem fair but

you set the standard for my love there's nothing more

to really say but i miss you that want bring you back it

want even change the grey sky's blue all I can do is wait

and hope that with my words and how i show you that

grey sky's will turn to blue when you are near me will

bring you back.

All my wishing and my thought's i wonder how i have made

it this long because I love you there no stronger word that

can describe my feeling's for you i may try and play it off

like just another day but i would be lying to myself and

that would get me nowhere so as i sit here writing my

thoughts of you down my world is changing but not the

way i hoped it would with you by my side.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1070 times
Written on 2006-01-02 at 05:53

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Amanda K
a lovely poem. well-done.

Amanda K
a lovely poem. well-done.