as busy as everyone is saying those 3 words means a lot to

some and even more to other's though alot of us never eally say it but

we mean it it isnt the same who knows the person that is close to

you that yu have never said those words to might

Where did the time go?

as i sit there and think while you walk out that door i tell

my self i love you but i never tell you the word's .i just

got the news today that you just passed away never

hearing me say i love you. all the time i had the chance

you never really knew all you heard was hate nothing

really hurt like i thought it would now its to late to tell

you i love you. All the time we shared nothing really

matterd i just wanted you to be with me no matter the

cost to your heart. I never said i love you but i meant

it every time i smiled. 1000 words they say will make the

tears go away but you not hear and those words will

never be said again . i remember the way you used

play when we rolled in the grass on those warm summer

days we were all smiles and we even had time for a kiss

but i never said i love you. Then just last night i thought

of saying it while you layed there right beside me then i fell

asleep not knowing it would be the last time i would have

that chance. you walked out that door thinking i did not love

you it killed me inside and it still does knowing you left

with out a clue that i loved you. its been all day and my

love for you still lingers, the love i have for you will never

go away no matter how hard i try it will always stay there.

There maybe others and maybe not but one thing is for sure

that i will never love them like i loved you. They say love

is difrent every time you give it away but i dont see that

all i see is me and no one else cause you had my love

will i ever get it back from that specail place in my heart

i do not know but i pray i will till that day comes i will

always love you no one will ever be as close to me

as you were. and i will miss you and all the good time's

there's no denying that my love is true for you ,

and in closing a tear droped from my face to this

letter stainingit as i think of you good bye forever

you will be missed and if you can hear me from

where you at now............I LOVE YOU!!!!

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1062 times
Written on 2005-12-30 at 08:43

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Great heartache and sadness Amon, the things left unsaid or done always haunt us as we cannot change the past my friend only suffer it :-(