somewhere in the night another life go's

slipping by and a tear fall's from another's cheek

as this life is ruined.

a mother kisses her child good night knowing

he will be safe and sound she smiles as she say's

i love you baby.

on a corner where love is lost and money

is the only thing that keep's her going she

wishes that she could go back but something

makes her stay away.

in a house up in flames a hero becomes the norm

that day when people cry and help is on the way

the sirens can be heard as this hero makes his way.

All these thing's are part of life how come everything

has to be so complicated it shouldn't be that way

life has meaning no matter who you are or how you live

it take's one moment to change your life and everyone

can make that choice but some have more than just a

cross road and they have no map to guid them.

As the mother loves that child she makes that moment

one that will let him know that she loves him and from this

love his map is written and the cross road's become so

simple. even those thing i did not mention those people

had moment's that could have changed for better or worse

but they just let it be. and now the moment's gone.

Poetry by AmonTheDark
Read 1036 times
Written on 2006-01-02 at 06:09

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